Asian Turkey Cabbage Cups Recipe

Really like easy meals that avoid sit like a packet in your stomach! This particular recipe was very quick and I tried to stay on course except for a few necessary changes because of as to what I had in my freezer…. Chicken, and what I had in my crisper…butter lettuce. Exactly where I live I cannot just run to the grocer. That said, this recipe had a very nice, very mild taste. I used 1/2 of a gigantic jalepeno considering it would equal an inferior one. I should have just used my little serrano ’cause you certainly couldn’t feel any warmth with the flavor mixture. Don’t get me incorrect, you can taste the jalepeno, just not feel it. The nappa simply leaves would have held up better for sure, but doubling the butter lettuce simply leaves worked well too. Avoid leave anything out because it’s the flavor combinations that make this, and most recipes work.